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Jeff's b-day, backpacking Europe

11 September 2000

So, I actually wrote an entry on 9/9 (more like 9/8..but so early it was technically Saturday by then? ;) I had been working into it for about an hour (and I think it was actually good ;) and then, the backspace decided to be the "back" button for my browser, and when I tried to forward back to my was gone. (duh duh duh...)

Haha, usually I get really upset, yadda yadda--it used to happen to me all the time when I was in the middle of these super long emails, but this time I was too tired. So no entry for you.

Did anyone else notice the widespread hit of birthdays on d-land around September 9th? I happen to adore the birthday ever since last year I realized it was 9.9.99-->and how cool is that? Haha, but I'm pretty easily amused. ;) So, it was kat's sister's birthday, and I'll probably always remember it.

It's Jeff's birthday too.

He turned 21 on Saturday. Friday night he went up to Miami U (that's in oxford, Ohio) and partied a little too much. Sounded like every person who went with him (and him included...) drank to the point, where some of it had to come back up to say hello. Nothing like drinking yourself to the comforts of your face on the toilet.

But it looks like he had fun, anyway. One of his friends totally left him in Oxford though! He happened, sort of randomly, to run into a girl he went to school with (HS) and she gave him a ride home. So that's good.

On Saturday, his dad took a group of us to Roosters "a fun and casual place" to watch the OSU football game. The Cast: an injured football player, Mikey; his best friend Cameron, Devo, and er, some other guy with curly hair. :) A group of girls came in later. I only caught one of their name's, Abby. She looked a lot like Angie. It was probably the hair cut.

So Jeff, his dad, and abby were really the only ones legal, but we were all drinking.

Well I wasn't. At first.

First, I think I've said before that I don't agree with drinking in public like that. Here, we were probably fine--the waitress knew Mikey, and we had Jeff's dad with us anyway. But, either way I still don't agree with that. I also...basically, if I'm going to drink, I want to drink enough that I actually feel it. And was I really going to sit there downing drinks so I could get drunk?

Probably not. So why even drink anything at all? So for the majority of the time I just enjoyed my water, but later on I did drink two rum & coke's. We later went to Mikey's father's house to watch the game more comfortably, and I had a Corona. Just sitting around drinking doesn't really do it for me. I think had I been moving around, I would have felt the alcohol more.

When they drop Jeff and I back at his (jeff's house) and drive away, I realize that I left my key's at Mike's dad's house. (and they were heading back to their campus apartment.) Jeff was kind of "sloshed" if you will (although, I couldn't tell, he just told me he was...) and because I don't know how to drive stick, I couldn't exactly get in his car and chase after them.

So Jeff calls them, but they never call back. In the mean time, I don't even go home until close to four. Oh well.

Sorry this is turning into a "what I did" thing. :) Which is fine for me, but rather dry for you. Haha, well all of my deep thoughts were erased last Friday, ya know? How about some shout-outs?

Word is such a cool girl. I wish she would update more. The latest drama has been fun because the whole time she was all like, "i lovvvve my boyfriend." And now she's like guess what, he's a jerk, I lovvvve this new guy. Oh.

JustHer has to be one of my solid all time favorites. She always has something funny to say [in brackets no less] and her writing is straight forward and honest.

Of course, there's always the ever-lovely Ladiebut she never updates anymore! And I rather like, Virgin because there's this....feeling in each one of them. I can't describe it.

I've sort of on the DL almost decided that instead of traelling abroad to Greece next summer, I might just "backpack Europe" instead. I've been researching it, and I get so excited thinking about it. That would be a really huge step for me. Something, full of that absolute freedom to just go anywhere, when I want, yadda yadda. It would be wild! What I need to know, much money do I need, and where should I go?

I've never been off this continent...and really, I've never been out of the country. (I don't think tijauna (sp?) counts. ;) I mean, Greece--I definitly still want to go there, maybe that'll even be my fly-in destination point. And Hostels...what are they really like? I have no idea.

But all of a sudden, it was like, going to Greece to study was supposed to be....away to actually (almost give myself permission) to save my money and travel. By involving school, I was supposed to be betting my education, and I figured my parents would help pay for a lot of it.

But, then it was like, nothing I would take while in Greece really would count for anything here at school credit wise. Everything I need GEC wise, that Greece would give me...I've already taken. Then, my parents said that because it wouldn't help me graduate early, they really couldn't afford to help me with money at all. I was sort of counting on their 2000 dollars. I'm sure they would give me a couple hundred or something, but that's it. And that's not really...going to help.

So. If I'm going to spend all this money anyway, why don't I just make it on my own terms? Now, I won't have to worry about classes, and now all that money that was going towards tuition and mine again. I also won't have to worry about applying and such, and I was going to have to take my finals early, because the leaving date was pretty early. So now I could finish with the regular schedule, and leave when its convenient for me. And hey, finishing a whole quarter in four weeks (what the greece study trip would be) is kind of insane.

I have to admit, the thought of being able to travel abroad...and not have to worry about grades and studying, does sound rather nice. I mentioned the idea to my greece buddy (who was planning on going with me) and she really liked the idea of backpacking.

Of course, she might have thought I was joking. ;) I would go to Greece by myself through school, but there's no way I would backpack through Europe by myself. Even just the idea of me and Cynthia out roughing the world by ourselves kind of scares me. I'd much rather have some guys with us. There's just something about two young girls going about by themselves, you know? But the less people, probably the more you can do. Cynthia and I are pretty willing and bending with each other. I don't think it would even be possible for us to fight!

We could also have fun doing girly things like shopping or going out at night and meeting guys or what not. Not that'd I plan on hooking up with anyone or what not!! But actually, if we really do plan on doing this, I wouldn't be surprised if we ask some of our guy friends to go. There's this guy Paul we went to HS with that we both still talk to, and he also was part of our "posse" when we went to D.C. together. (it was literally paul, cync, and me!) so I know we would get along great. But I wouldn't want it to just be three people, because it would be more solid of a group with an even number.

Of course, if I was dating someone, I would love to bring him along. ;) Haha, do you think that ruin a relationship, being together for 4-6 weeks straight?

I've always wanted to do something like this for my honeymoon though. I mean, the whole tropical islands relaxation thing sounds nice too, but to just, travel around and see everything...I always thought that would be an awesome thing to do with my hubby. (and besides, I figure you better do it early before you settle down with jobs and kids and such, and never get to do it.)

Which is also why this backpacking thing sounds like a good idea. When else am I going to have the time to do it?

see ya.

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